• Weekly Rdio Playlister ·

    An AngularJS and Sinatra app that allows you to turn your weekly listening history on Last.fm into Rdio playlists. It connects with your Rdio account to create the playlists for you.

  • new Chrome extension: extractCSS ·

    I spent yesterday afternoon creating a Chrome extension using Adnan Topal’s extractCSS library. I found extractCSS.com a few months back, I think via Hacker News, and thought it was a cool idea. It lets you paste a chunk of HTML code and it will extract the CSS classes, IDs, and inline styles used in that HTML. It produces a skeleton stylesheet with rules for those IDs and classes, and inline styles already filled in.

  • extractCSS ·

    A Chrome extension that uses Adnan Topal’s extractCSS library to extract CSS classes and IDs from the current tab and produce an empty stylesheet for use with web development.

  • why I switched from Spotify to Rdio ·

    I subscribed to Spotify for over a year, ever since they became available in the US. I paid $10 monthly to get mobile access because I loved being able to sync playlists offline and play them in my car. Spotify radically changed how I listen to music. I no longer had to purchase songs then hook my phone up to my laptop to get those songs on my phone so I could listen in my car. The most I would do was sync a playlist to my phone from within the Spotify app so that I could listen uninterrupted while I drove through areas with bad cell coverage.

  • Turntable Spotter ·

    A Chrome extension that lets you create Spotify playlists from Turntable.fm rooms. Choose whether to open Spotify links in the web player or the desktop application.

  • how to get Nintendo 3DS photos without removing the SD card ·

    This is a tutorial that shouldn’t need to be written, if half the parties involved weren’t being ridiculous. My problem: I have Art Academy on my Nintendo 3DS and I want to post my paintings on Tumblr. I don’t want to remove the SD card every time I want to get an image off of my 3DS. The solution I discovered is a circuitous one.

  • Animal Crossing New Leaf ·

    I got Animal Crossing New Leaf on the day it came out in the US: Sunday, June 9th. Jon and I have been playing it since. I’ve really been enjoying it, and I think it’s my favorite Animal Crossing game yet. There are more shops and more places to go, plus I’m finally getting to travel to other towns easily. I never had any friends on my DS so I couldn’t travel with Wild World. I think I maybe visited someone else’s town like twice in City Folk. This time around, thanks to Reddit, I’ve exchanged Friend Codes with lots of other AC players. Most of the time when I go to my town gate and try to visit another town, one to two people have their gates open. And when I’ve opened my own town gate, I usually get visitors. That’s been great, because I can find cool items for sale in other towns, and people help grow my own Nook shop by buying stuff there.

  • YouTube to Spotify Playlister ·

    A Chrome extension that lets you map YouTube videos to tracks in Spotify, for the purpose of creating playlists. Especially useful when browsing music-related subreddits on Reddit.

  • Reddit Significant Other Notifier ·

    A Chrome extension that notifies you of new Reddit posts and comments by a particular user. Created to humor my boyfriend because he was tired of me pestering him to upvote my posts all the time.

  • Chrome extensions ·

    I’ve written my first Chrome extensions because I discovered that ColourLovers has an API. Both extensions are about palettes, either using them or creating them. Page Colourizer grabs a random palette or pattern and applies it haphazardly to the current page. Some of the results are pretty garish, but it’s entertaining. It’s a fun way to discover new ColourLovers palettes at least. The other extension, Colour Extractor, grabs up to five colors from the current page and lets you make a palette with them. It also shows information about each color it extracts, and if a color isn’t already named on ColourLovers, you can click it to go to the Create a Colour page and give it a name.

  • Colour Extractor ·

    A Chrome extension that pulls colors from the current web page and lets you make a ColourLovers palette from them. Intended to help web designers identify palettes being used on different web sites.

  • Page Colourizer ·

    A Chrome extension that grabs a random ColourLovers palette and applies it to the current page. Can also apply a random pattern as the page background.

  • RailsBridge Lexington ·

    Yesterday I helped out at the first ever RailsBridge held in Lexington. We had twenty-five people sign up as attendees and maybe ten volunteer coaches, including myself. It’s intended to be an all-day session introducing women to programming, specifically by having them create a simple Ruby on Rails app. I gave the opening presentation, which you can find on SlideShare and also download as a PDF. It introduced the ladies to programming basics, and had them walk through several examples in IRB. Friday night we held an InstallFest where everyone brought their laptops and we helped them get stuff installed, including RailsInstaller in Windows, Git, Sublime Text 2 as an editor, and Node.js in Windows to have a JavaScript runtime. They also made a couple basic Rails apps that were no more than scaffolds, committed them to local Git repositories, and published them on Heroku. This was to prepare them for Saturday, when they did the same thing but with a more complex Rails app.

  • RVocalware ·

    A command-line Ruby script that uses the Vocalware HTTP REST API to convert text to an audio file of speech.

  • gallbladder surgery ·

    I went through my first-ever surgery yesterday: a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. I had my gallbladder removed because I’ve been having gallbladder attacks at least once a month since last summer, and changing my diet to an almost vegan diet didn’t stop them. I’m recovering okay, taking off at least a week from work. Jon’s been keeping me fed and helping me get around. I slept a lot yesterday; the hydrocodone really knocked me out. I’m a little sore around my midsection, but it’s a tolerable soreness. Certainly not as sharp or painful as a gallbladder attack. The soreness intensifies if I tense my stomach, cough, hiccough, or bend my stomach.