I found out today that one of my favorite games ever, Okami, is coming to the PS3 this fall in an HD remake.  I’m so excited about this! I was actually just recently wanting to replay it on the Wii, but my parents have my Wii right now because my dad started playing Zelda Skyward Sword, and I didn’t want to take it away from him. I was just scrolling through my Facebook feed today when I saw mention from the Okami page, which I Liked a while back, about some kind of Okami HD. “What what WHAAAAAT??” I thought, and had to research more. I found a post on the PlayStation Blog, so it seems pretty official. 1080p, Move controls supported but not required, coming to North America and Japan at least, new trophies, $20 on PSN. The whole thing sounds awesome. Check out the trailer below.

When I first saw Move mentioned, I worried it would be required, as a way of pushing Move sales. Nope, the official blog post says traditional PS3 controllers are supported, that the Move is optional. Then I saw earlier news posts about how it was announced for Japan, so I worried it wouldn’t get a US release. Nope, it’s been confirmed that it’s coming to North America. Then I worried it would only be in 720p. Nope, it’s going full 1080p. So basically, every concern I had about it has been squashed–super pleased!

In my great excitement, I wanted to decorate my iPhone with Okami-related stuff. I cropped a bunch of my desktop wallpapers down to iPhone 4 size, 640x960, and I clipped some of my Okami music and converted it into .m4r files for use as ringtones / text tones / other tones. If you are as excited as me about this remake, and you happen to buy Apple products, you can download the tones or the wallpaper ZIPs.


I didn’t make any of the original art or music, I just cropped the images down to iPhone size and clipped the music to be tone-length.