• creating a custom theme based on the WebSphere Portal theme ·

    Recently at work I was tasked with creating a customized Portal theme based on the new theme, which uses Dojo 1.6 and thus supports IE9. I followed all of IBM’s steps for making a copy of the theme’s static files (the non-JSP stuff that you can access via WebDAV), but still my custom wouldn’t load for me. I didn’t modify anything in my copy from the original except the metadata to change the theme name. When I would select my copy as a page’s theme or the Portal default theme, I would just get a white page with a snippet of XML up top, sometimes including an error message. When I checked the Portal logs, I saw error messages pertaining to PageBuilder2–what? PageBuilder2 is the old Portal theme, and the new theme didn’t seem to mention PageBuilder2 anywhere. If you’re experiencing this, here’s what I did to fix it.

  • Portal 7 mobile theme installation woes ·

    I hassled with trying to install the IBM WebSphere Portal Mobile Experience, following the instructions on IBM’s web site, but the theme never showed up on my Portal site. Turns out you need to go into your IBM/WebSphere/PortalServer/theme directory and edit components.properties. There should be one line in there: