• C++ shell with forks and pipes ·

    As an assignment for my operating systems class, we were to write a shell in C or C++. I’m putting my work here under the GNU General Public License v3 in hopes that it will be helpful for someone else, presumably some future student arguing with the C language, which I find infinitely frustrating to work with sometimes.

  • enqueue and dequeue ·

    Source for enqueue() and dequeue() functions to add and remove data from a queue in a class.

  • Makefile ·

    In a Unix environment when working with C++ or C, a Makefile can be a very handy thing. Instead of typing several separate commands each time you update a file and want to recompile, you can just type make and the Makefile is executed.

  • measuring volume in C++ ·

    This is a program I wrote earlier while killing time in the Multilab.