• new Chrome extension: extractCSS ·

    I spent yesterday afternoon creating a Chrome extension using Adnan Topal’s extractCSS library. I found extractCSS.com a few months back, I think via Hacker News, and thought it was a cool idea. It lets you paste a chunk of HTML code and it will extract the CSS classes, IDs, and inline styles used in that HTML. It produces a skeleton stylesheet with rules for those IDs and classes, and inline styles already filled in.

  • extractCSS ·

    A Chrome extension that uses Adnan Topal’s extractCSS library to extract CSS classes and IDs from the current tab and produce an empty stylesheet for use with web development.

  • why I switched from Spotify to Rdio ·

    I subscribed to Spotify for over a year, ever since they became available in the US. I paid $10 monthly to get mobile access because I loved being able to sync playlists offline and play them in my car. Spotify radically changed how I listen to music. I no longer had to purchase songs then hook my phone up to my laptop to get those songs on my phone so I could listen in my car. The most I would do was sync a playlist to my phone from within the Spotify app so that I could listen uninterrupted while I drove through areas with bad cell coverage.