• how to get Nintendo 3DS photos without removing the SD card ·

    This is a tutorial that shouldn’t need to be written, if half the parties involved weren’t being ridiculous. My problem: I have Art Academy on my Nintendo 3DS and I want to post my paintings on Tumblr. I don’t want to remove the SD card every time I want to get an image off of my 3DS. The solution I discovered is a circuitous one.

  • Animal Crossing New Leaf ·

    I got Animal Crossing New Leaf on the day it came out in the US: Sunday, June 9th. Jon and I have been playing it since. I’ve really been enjoying it, and I think it’s my favorite Animal Crossing game yet. There are more shops and more places to go, plus I’m finally getting to travel to other towns easily. I never had any friends on my DS so I couldn’t travel with Wild World. I think I maybe visited someone else’s town like twice in City Folk. This time around, thanks to Reddit, I’ve exchanged Friend Codes with lots of other AC players. Most of the time when I go to my town gate and try to visit another town, one to two people have their gates open. And when I’ve opened my own town gate, I usually get visitors. That’s been great, because I can find cool items for sale in other towns, and people help grow my own Nook shop by buying stuff there.