• YouTube to Spotify Playlister ·

    A Chrome extension that lets you map YouTube videos to tracks in Spotify, for the purpose of creating playlists. Especially useful when browsing music-related subreddits on Reddit.

  • Reddit Significant Other Notifier ·

    A Chrome extension that notifies you of new Reddit posts and comments by a particular user. Created to humor my boyfriend because he was tired of me pestering him to upvote my posts all the time.

  • Chrome extensions ·

    I’ve written my first Chrome extensions because I discovered that ColourLovers has an API. Both extensions are about palettes, either using them or creating them. Page Colourizer grabs a random palette or pattern and applies it haphazardly to the current page. Some of the results are pretty garish, but it’s entertaining. It’s a fun way to discover new ColourLovers palettes at least. The other extension, Colour Extractor, grabs up to five colors from the current page and lets you make a palette with them. It also shows information about each color it extracts, and if a color isn’t already named on ColourLovers, you can click it to go to the Create a Colour page and give it a name.

  • Colour Extractor ·

    A Chrome extension that pulls colors from the current web page and lets you make a ColourLovers palette from them. Intended to help web designers identify palettes being used on different web sites.