I got an iPhone 4S today after my AT&T contact expired yesterday. I’m excited to be on Verizon now and will hopefully experience fewer dropped calls. I was with AT&T for seven years, since they were Cingular back in the day, and I finally got tired of the crappy cell service. It was always the most frustrating around UK’s campus, when I would have to try multiple times to even get a call to dial out. It tended to say “call failed” immediately, not even ringing. I’m expecting to like Verizon’s service better, and I’m certainly liking the iPhone 4S over my ancient iPhone 3G. I was surprised to be able to trade in my old 3G for $65; there’s still a demand for them?

iPhone 4S box on Verizon bag

I just had a funny experience trying to set up relationships with Siri, for easy calling/texting. I told it Jon was my boyfriend, and then when I checked my contact card, it listed Jon as both my boyfriend and manager. Sorry Jon, but you aren’t my boss. So then I told Siri who my mom was, and it added her as both my mother and my manager. I removed the offending relationship manually from my contact card, then added my dad as my dad. That worked, sort of: it also listed my dad as my assistant. Not quite, Siri. The coup de grâce was when I told Siri who my brother was… and she also added him as my spouse. I know I live in Kentucky, Siri, but making such a slur against us southerners is not okay. :P

I have no idea why she kept adding extra relationships, since I didn’t say anything like “assistant” or “spouse” when telling her who was who. When I actually told her who my manager was, that went by without a hitch: she added him as just my manager, not as any other relationship. I found it kinda funny that you can’t have Siri undo the relationship, either: she tells you she’s not allowed to remove relationships. You have to go into your contact card and hit the minus button next to any relationship you want to remove.