I’m back from my week and a half in Jersey, helping with requirements gathering for a new project at work. We were originally supposed to have to go back next week for a couple of days, but our project manager was able to push through all the functionality we needed to cover, and he’s satisfied we got what we needed. I’m glad, because I was not looking forward to more indirect flights and getting up at 6 every morning. Our flight home last night involved a layover in Atlanta, which is the silliest thing when traveling from NJ to KY, but there are just no direct flights from Philly to Lexington.

The Philadelphia flight was delayed because of congestion on the runway, so we sat on board for maybe forty-five minutes extra before taking off. I was worried we would miss our connection in Atlanta, because we just had an hour layover, but the pilot must’ve gone faster than normal because we were only ten minutes late. We still had to hoof it from gate A-something to E-something, which involved going through all the little train stops and near breaking into a jog to make it. When we got on the plane, it was mostly full but there were still empty seats all over the place, though the flight attendant said it was supposed to be a full flight. One guy that came in after we made it to our seats was huffing and sweating like crazy from having run to get there. Small world, too: my Master’s advisor was on the flight, coming back from a requirements engineering conference in Costa Rica. Ha, I wish I could do requirements gathering in Costa Rica instead of New Jersey!

I’m anxiously awaiting Kingdoms of Amalur to be delivered, since I ordered it last weekend. I looked at both the PS3 and the 360 versions on Amazon, but the 360 version was on sale for $45 instead of $60, plus the 360 controller feels better in my hand than the PS3’s, so I ordered the Xbox version. Jon showed me the game last week because it wasn’t even on my radar, but it looks like it was made just for me. Seriously, it’s a fantasy RPG, I can play as a female, I can be a rogue/warrior/mage or something in between, there’s a console version, and I can choose my race – all these points sound like a game I’m going to love. I’m surprised reviews of it have been so polarized, so I hope it lives up to my expectations.