• Whited00r on my iPhone 3G ·

    Well, after a few hours and several different Google searches, my iPhone 3G is now jailbroken and has Whited00r on it. I think my phone may be the fastest it’s ever been, and I’ve tried iOS 3.1.3, 4.0, and briefly tonight 4.2.1 on it. I updated my iPad to iOS 5 tonight and, on a whim, decided my aging iPhone could use some more flash and glitter, too. Someone on Reddit mentioned Whited00r as being a way to make your older iPhone speedier while still getting some of the features from later iOS versions, so I decided to try it.

  • Turntable.FM is pretty great ·

    Thanks to Joe’s recommendation, I’ve been using Turntable.FM recently, and I love it. I’ve found several new songs I’ve really liked, and actually several artists I hadn’t heard of either. It’s been a nice alternative to Pandora, which tends to play the same songs and artists for me over and over on the stations on which I’ve Liked/Disliked a lot of songs. It’s also been preferable to Spotify because I spend more time looking for music on Spotify than actually listening.