Arrgh, all I want to do is relax by playing Dragon Age II, but I’ve been struggling for twenty minutes plus with stupid PS3 updates. I wanted to get my free DLC stuff in DA2 that I got from ordering off of Amazon, so I registered my game online and it should just show up in-game. I figure it has to be online to do that, in order to see that I’ve registered and maybe download the content. But I couldn’t sign into the PS network because Insight is a shitty ISP and we constantly need to reset the router. So I do that, my PS3 is able to get online again, and it immediately tells me there’s a system update so I can’t log into PSN yet.

I go to download the update and the progress bar ticks by ridiculously slowly, so I decide to just download it via my computer. Well, the latest update I found was 3.56. I thought maybe I misremembered reading “3.6” on my PS3, so I downloaded the 3.56 update on my computer and installed it via a USB stick on my PS3. It installs slowly, reboots itself… And then I can’t log into PSN because of a DNS error. WTF? I do another Internet Connection Test, it succeeds, and it promptly tells me there’s an update available! So I just let it very slowly download the update on the PS3 so that I got the latest version and wouldn’t have to do yet another update and install. It’s finally reached the install phase and with any luck I’ll be playing DA2 with all my extra content in maybe half an hour. Honestly, the constant “updates” for trivial crap with PSN get annoying.