• heap sort in ML ·

    This past semester for my programming languages class, we had to implement heap sort in Standard ML. This is my implementation, which I release under the GNU General Public License v3. I split the code into two separate files: shared.ml and heap_sort.ml, where shared.ml contains functions that might be of use with other sorting algorithms and heap_sort.ml contains functions and code specific to heap sort.

  • One Programmer's Ideal Language ·

    This essay was originally written for my graduate-level programming languages class.

  • Grub Error 13 and 17 together ·

    I just encountered Grub Error 13 and Grub Error 17 for seemingly no reason. I fixed the problem and thought I could save others undue headache by explaining my fix here.

  • AC Toolkit hack to fix grass ·

    So while reading about Animal Crossing: City Folk earlier, I tried to find a way to restore some of my grass, which has been wearing away to brown dirt everywhere. Turns out there’s quite a stink over the “feature” Animal Tracks that Nintendo built into the game. The idea was that grass would wear away where you walked most, but the problem is that it wears away pretty quickly and can take a month to nearly a year to grow back fully. If you’ve never played Animal Crossing, this might not seem like a big deal to you, but it’s actually a big part of the game. A lot of Animal Crossing is aesthetic value, and living in Mudville is not attractive. Also, you miss out on certain bugs that live in grass and, in the winter, snow only appears on grass so you can’t do snowmen.

  • Snazzy Calculator ·

    A GTK# GUI calculator written in C# that supports exponentiation and parentheses and follows PEMDAS. Written so I could experiment with GTK# and MonoDevelop.

  • code reports Rake task ·

    This will run various Ruby Gems for creating code quality reports, store them in public/ in your Rails app, and create public/reports.html with links to each report. You need Saikuro, Flog, Flay, Reek, and Roodi, since this Rake task uses them all.

  • sortable arrays of symbols in Ruby ·

    I got this error in my Rails app because I was trying to sort an array of symbols: undefined method `<=>’ for :my_symbol:Symbol. I defined the spaceship method for the Symbol class and included the Comparable module in order to have other comparison methods available for symbols.